Watermelon Agua Fresca

AguaFresca2Guys.  I have a confession.  It might just be summer love, but I am completely smitten with a new a treat.  That, my friends is Watermelon Agua Fresca.  So refreshing, hydrating, and delicious.  It actually might be Aguas Frescas or "fresh waters," so please forgive me.  Regardless of what you call it, start sippin' these babies before summer runs out. Agua Fresca can be made in a verity of flavors.  Most summer fruit like melon and pineapple can easily be used, especially those with high water content.  Pretty much all you are going for is blended fruit, water, and sweetened.  My favorite version?  Watermelon Mint.


For this drink, I've blended up some summer watermelon, made a mint simple syrup, and topped it off with some sparkling water.  So next level.  So move over lemonade, and say hello to Watermelon Agua Fresca!


Cake & Cocktails: Lavender

LavenderCakeCocktails Although it is still plenty warm outside, summer is quickly coming to an end.  As children head back to school and we start to anticipate the comforting flavors of fall, let us not forget to enjoy some refreshing sips and sweets while the sun is still shinning bright.  One flavor that is always reminiscent of summer is Lavender.  Although this floral flavor was not used in cooking until just a few decades ago, lavender can now be found in all types of sweet and savory dishes.  From flavored marshmallows to French macarons, culinary lavender has been an influential herb in many recipes.


Today, I've rounded up some of my favorite lavender cocktails and cakes to inspire your own floral creations.


This lavender cocktail was inspired by a local jam that I stumbled upon a couple months ago.  The jam combined lavender and blueberries to create a sweet, floral flavor.  This Lavender Blueberry Spritzer was created with those flavor elements in mind.  I combined a lavender simple syrup with blueberry vodka.  Topped off with some sparkling soda water and a few fresh squeezes of lime, and this refreshing cocktail is ready to enjoy!

You may find the full recipe over at Best Friends for Frosting.


These sweet, individual cakes combine Lavender with sweet Honey.  The lavender flavor was infused in the layers of butter cake, filled with honey buttercream.  The mini tiers make these flavors easy to enjoy at any summer brunch or celebration.

You may find the full recipe at Hostess with the Mostess.


This Lavender Martini not only combines lavender with Creme de Violette, but also one of my favorite liqueurs- Elderflower....as if the color of this beauty is not reason enough to try this recipe ;)

You may find the full recipe and beautiful photography over at The Framed Table.


This Lavender Lemonade just might be the epitome of a refreshing summer beverage.  Head over to Sunday Suppers to find the recipe card for these sips and toast to another wonderful summer.