{NEWS} Etsy Shop Launch

Good morning everyone!  As of last night, the Style Sweet CA Shop is now live.  For the time being, the shop will be hosted over on Etsy.  Head on over here to see some of the latest designs! Style Sweet CA


Still wondering what this is all about?  Well here  are the details behind the idea:

As most of you know, I used to own and operate The Frosted Cake Shop when I lived in California.  TFCS was my first love.  In my midtown studio I was able to create custom cakes for my loyal clients and community.  I enjoyed getting to know my brides to design one-of-a-kind cakes for those big, special days and making a replica of a child's favorite toy out of sugar for an unforgettable birthday.  Although I do not regret making the decision to move away from my hometown, I will always have a special spot in my heart for the first business I ever launched.

While I am not able to create cakes for all you lovely readers, I wanted to figure out a way to really connect and be a part of your celebrations.  So here's the gist:

YOU: an amazing home baker, hostess with the mostess, and/or mom of the year You volunteered to throw a bridal shower, got assigned desserts for a baptism, or are making a special birthday cake for one of your beloved children.  You are talented, creative, and can do it all - well, almost.  You want to create a day that everyone remembers, with personal touches and custom decorations.  You want to make show-stopping desserts.  And while you are known for fantastic cakes and mouth-watering treats, you are not a pastry chef and/or are busy juggling multiple to-do lists.  While I know whatever you are cooking up in the kitchen (literally) will be fabulous, let's step it up a notch.  Turn those bridal cupcakes into pieces of art with elegant sugar flowers and that birthday cake into an unforgettable moment by capturing your child's favorite things.


YOU: event stylist extraordinaire, DIY wedding planner, and/or super-savvy bride You are planning the party of the year or your own BIG day.  You've spent hours on Pinterest and Etsy, gathering ideas to make sure your event is unique and perfectly tailored to your or your client's taste.  You've curated your favorite prints and  paper goods, and started souring starred vendors and caterers.  You want every corner of the venue to sparkle with style and personality.  While you are crafty, you are busy.  You want to make sure the desserts are not left behind.  Your local bakery does not carry exactly what you are looking for or your super-talented aunt/cousin/bff is baking the wedding cake themselves.  Whether you are on a budget or can't seem to source the right local talent, let us come together to design the perfect cake topper, bride/groom figures, or delicate, eternal flowers- all made from sugar.

Style Sweet CA Shop will carry popular flowers and trendy toppers for purchase.  However, I'd love to get to know your and your event.  Let's design something custom together!  Most items will be made to order.  As always, please contact me sooner than later.  Creativity is not instantaneous- and you know, there's shipping too.  Local Vancouverites?  Let's meet for easy delivery!

Ruffle Wedding Cake

To be honest, I have been wanting to launch this shop for a while now.  Even when TFCS was still in existence, I always thought this would be a great way to reach all of my friends, readers, and clients around the country.  Now that I am in a new stage of life, I think this is the perfect opportunity to make this dream happen.

Heart Ruffle Wedding Cake

Sometimes being in the wedding industry spoils you with all the prettiness and creativity it takes to throw a big bash.  There are so many details, customization, and DIY brilliance going around these days, that I hope I never forget how much time and effort goes into these specials days.  It has been a while since I took a step back and just attended a wedding.  Today, the husband and I are lucky enough to head back to California to be a guest at our freinds' wedding.  Not only do I not have to work, but we get a weekend away with great friends and celebration. While we are away toasting and dancing the night away, you can feast your eyes on this romantic cake.



Remember this watercolor cake?  Well, I've dressed it up a bit to create a new, beautiful design.  The sunset-colored watercolor base made for a terrific canvas for all of the lovely details.  Ethereal ruffles form to create a romantic heart.  I randomly highlighted the delicate edges in gold for added interest.

Out of the city and off to the hills we go!  Happy Weekend!



Inspired: Orange Creamsicle

Orange-Creamsicle-Cake-TextAfter creating a Neapolitan cake last year, I was inspired to make other designs to reflect summer's favorite novelty treats.  Orange Creamsicle was at the top of my list.  This timeless frozen treat carries its own aura of whimsy and nostalgia, instantaneously taking us back to the long, warm nights of our childhood.  While orange is probably not the most popular color when it comes to weddings and events, you can't help but smile when surrounded by such joyous shades of summer.  Because of that, orange seems to be popping up more and more often.  For my design, I was able to  find great inspiration from some of the latest party trends and treats that really capture the youthfulness of an orange creamsicle in a more modern and sophisticated fashion. 6-Orange-Creamsicle-Board (from left to right)

Cake: Style Sweet CA- photo by Chantel Elder Creamsicle Cocktail: Style Me Pretty- photo by Arrow & Apple

Orange Creamsicles: Food and Wine/Pigeon Toe Ceramics via Somewhere Splendid Tassel Ballon: Green Wedding Shoes 

Orange and Cream Tablescape: Martha Stewart Weddings Creamsicle Meringues: Martha Stewart Living


Wedding Dessert Bar

As we get ready to move out of Sacramento, I find myself reminiscing about the city I lived in for most of my life.  In addition to opening The Frosted Cake Shop, my most cherished memory was meeting and getting married to the love of my life.  Besides the Mister and my dress (of course), the dessert bar was probably one of my favorite parts of our beloved day. HuffParking

Being a cake designer, I knew I had to go BIG or go home when it came to my own wedding. Everyone kept asking, “Are you making your own cake?”  As much as I wanted to, I knew it would be impossible to serve our forever-growing guest list. I decided to turn to my favorite, local chocolatier, Ginger Elizabeth Hahn.

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates not only turns out the best chocolates and truffles in Sacramento, but Hahn is trained in making all types of pastries. When I was planning my wedding in 2010, there really was no other route for me to go other than a fabulous dessert bar. The growing trend was just lifting off, and I had to get on board.

When it comes to styling an event and creating a dessert display, there is much thought and consideration involved.  From selecting the serving pieces to how many of each pastry to order, each detail is important.  For more photos and to find out what inspired my design and how our wedding dessert bar came to life, read my post on Best Friends for Frosting.  Enjoy!
Photos by: Color Me Rad