Raspberry Tea Cakes

RaspTeaCake7 It's here!  It's finally here!  It is BERRY SEASON!!  I am so excited.  So many beautiful, organic red berries have been flooding the grocery store this past week.  Even just before I started typing, I ate a whole bowl of sliced strawberries.

Some recipes that I post here are well thought out and planned in advanced.  Some recipes are more spontaneous.  This is the latter.  I was whipping up an old cream cheese cake batter and decided to make these little tea cakes.  I had just picked up a few cartons of raspberries and knew immediately that I wanted to incorporate them into a dessert ASAP.  Thus, these chocolate chunk - cream cheese Raspberry Tea Cakes.



Like I mentioned, this is based off an old favorite cake recipe of mine.  I used to offer it for weddings when I ran The Frosted Cake Shop.  Made with a cream cheese, greek yogurt, and dark chocolate, it is a bit dense but full of moisture at the same time.  Think the most flavorful pound cake, but better and more delicate.  I always believe that fruit and chocolate go marvelous together, so it was a no brainer to use my raspberries as a topping.  I decided to go with a bright, vibrant raspberry glaze.  Not only is it radiant and beautiful, it is extra yummy.  Since raspberries are not overly sweet, the icing turned out perfect.  No food coloring required.




RaspTeaCake6Okay, so these are kind of like fancy cupcakes,  Bake then in a greased cupcake pan or just peel the papers off before glazing, like I did.  Call 'em muffins, and you can even eat them for breakfast!

What flavors are most looking forward to this summer?  I can't wait to roast some stone fruits next!!