Heart-Shaped Soft Pretzels

HeartPretzel1 At one point in my childhood, I had a slight obsession with soft pretzels.  I'd heat up the frozen ones that came from Costco myself to eat in between school and dance practice.  Either pretzels or frozen pot stickers.  What a weird kid, right?  It's safe to say that I am glad I grew out of my frozen food phase.

It took me a while to figure out that you can pretty much make anything at home.  I mean, somebody somewhere is making our favorite treats, right?  Why not make that person you?!  Okay, there is a lot of convenience that comes from buying pre-made food, but somethings aren't as hard and time consuming as you may think.  I was intimidated by breads for a while before actually trying.  But then I though, if I can make French macarons, then why can't I make bread dough?  And to be honest, these soft pretzels have got to be one of the easiest breads I have ever made.  They don't require the knead-rest-rise routine that most other breads require.  With Valentine's Day upon us, I decided to give these twists and heart shape.


This sweet and salty situation happening in my kitchen right now is the perfect treat.  While half of you would probably want to dip your pretzel in cheese sauce or mustard, I'd much prefer something sweet.  I decided that their salted tops would pair nicely with caramel and chocolate sauce.  I'm glad I was right.




This recipe whips up really quick.  These pretzels are definitely something that you will want to eat fresh, so the recipe on yields about 4.  Perfect for a quick afternoon snack!