Matcha Sesame Macarons

MatchaMacs7 There is this great restaurant up on Main Street that I love to go to for Dim Sum.  It's funky decor probably hasn't been remodeled in decades, but who cares when the food is that good.  I always order the rice noodles and steamed pork buns.  For dessert, it is mango and whipped cream pillows and sesame balls.  Those sesame balls and the green tea they always serve inspired these Matcha Sesame Macarons.

I love sesame desserts, especially Japanese treats with black sesame paste.  When I feeling overwhelmed by super sugary desserts, I crave more subtly sweet treats like mochi and soft Japanese cheesecake.  These types of pastries tend to be lighter with more delicate flavors.  I've been wanting to incorporate more sesame flavor into my own desserts lately.  I only had a jar of tahini paste on hand, and figured it might work into a buttercream.  It is the same consistency of natural peanut butter, so it was definitely worth a shot.


The results?  Pretty tasty, in my opinion.  I mixed the tahini paste straight into some buttercream.  The texture was a bit grainier than I would have hoped, but the district sesame flavor was delicious.

Once I created the sesame buttercream, I started thinking of different ways to incorporate it into other desserts.  I smeared a spoonful on a spare chocolate cupcake with some leftover caramel and the combination was heavenly.  For this post, I created a whole new treat entirely.  I decided it was about time I share a new macaron recipe.  I just knew that the sesame buttercream would make a perfect filling sandwiched between some matcha macaron shells.




For macaron tips and trouble shooting, check out BraveTart.  Recipe adapted from this post.

I used a plain Swiss meringue buttercream as the base of my sesame buttercream.  You can get the recipe here, minus the sprinkles.