DIY Flower Crown Cake

RosetteCrown96 Now that is is (almost) officially summer, flowers are popping up everywhere! Florals in your gardens, tucked in your hair and even on your plate.  Glorious peonies have been gracing my city of Vancouver lately, and now I want to put flowers on everything.

Whether they are made from fondant, buttercream or royal icing, edible sugar flowers are the perfect accessories for sweets and pastries. Arranged in a wreath, these mini rosettes instantly dress up any cake to create this DIY Flower Crown Cake.



With just some royal icing, a pastry bag, and a star tip, these rosettes are so easy and quick to create.  Make dozens ahead of time, and you'll be set to decorate anything that comes your way this summer.






Check out the full tutorial over on the Craftsy Blog.


Rose Orange Cardamom Mini Cakes

sTessaHuff-MiniCakes2 The sun is finally shining high up here in the Pacific Northwest, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that spring is here to stay. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate spring and times of renewal than with a delightful layer cake. A slice of one of these rose orange cardamom mini cakes is like a little slice of sunshine on every plate. With Mother’s Day just around the corner and warm weather on the horizon, now is the time to start turning these bright, light flavors into delectable little treats.


I’ve personally been on a cardamom kick lately, and have been experimenting with ways to incorporate the spice into different desserts.  I find that it pairs beautifully with citrus and subtle floral flavors. The buttery, velvety orange and cardamom cake make a great match with the zesty filling and silky, rose buttercream frosting.

And how cute are these mini layer cakes?!?!  Instead of making on large cake to share, make these minis to set at each pacesetting or decorate a dessert bar for your next spring celebration!


Find the full recipe at The Kitchn.


Happy Anniversary + Rose Mocha Cake

RoseMochaCake2Today is an anniversary of sorts.  Not of marriage or anything like that, but the anniversary of new adventure.  A year ago, my husband, pup, and I crossed the Canadian border and entered into one of the most exciting years of our lives.

As you might recall the week leading up to our move from this post, a year ago it was time to hit the road.  We packed up the car with the last of our belongings, with Remy in the backseat, and said good bye to our home for the last time.  I had a hard enough time watching the new bakery move into my old shop over the past couple months, so I knew a "no-turning-back" attitude was in order.  Although we had been planning the move for over a year, of course I was still nervous.  I mean, who leaves a perfectly good life, home, and business behind for something completely unknown?

I'll tell you this, if you have a supportive family and a bit of financial wiggle room, you just gotta follow your dreams.  I had just closed my business and my husband was about to start a three-year program back at school, but we knew we just had to go for it.  A year later, I could not be happier that we did.

The first month was like a vacation.  We moved into our chic (yet tiny) city apartment, Brett had weeks before school started, and I was trying to figure out what my next move (career wise) was going to be.  We dined at some of our favorite restaurants, discovered new ones in our neighborhood, and got used to living in a high rise.  This was followed by multiple visits from our families, a summer on the beach, hikes with Miss Rem, living in a city with snow for the first time, and tons of great food.

Looking back, I can't believe what a year it has been.  I started working at a local French patisserie and practicing my macaron skills before settling into my new career.  After owning my cake shop, naturally I thought I should probably be in the kitchen for a while.  It wasn't really what I was passionate about anymore, and I now realize that a job I started at age 24 does not need to define my career forever.  Instead, I started this blog and really concentrated on my photography skills.  I started writing for a few other websites, and everything started to fall into place.  A year later, and I am now writing and developing recipes for brands that I love, experimenting and improving upon my photography daily, and getting ready for some HUGE new opportunities (more on these to come).  And best of all, our visas finally got approved!  That alone is reason to celebrate.


I have dozens of notebooks...It's kind of getting out of had.  Every time I get an idea or discover a new ingredient, I write it down.  Half the time my scribbles don't even make sense.  I stubbled upon "rose mocha cake" scratched on one of my notepads and was skeptical of my own idea.  I decided to try it out anyways and what a wonderful creation it turned out to be!

Recipe serves 12-15 as a 3-layer 8 inch round cake.




Rose and White Chocolate Cake

This heavenly cake is my ode to winter love...

I'm usually much more of a night owl, but I find that there is just something about a crisp, quiet winter morning that is so romantic.  I can get lost in the stillness before the city wakes up or the calm of a beautiful winter wonderland.  Add in a bit of sun, and I'm smitten.  With the occasional peak of sun shinning in my neck of the woods and Valentine's Day just a couple days away, love is definitely in the air.  Sure most of you might think spring and rejuvenation sing the song of love more than the cold, but being all bundled up, scarf tied, and hot tea in hand makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Complete this scene with a slice of Rose and White Chocolate Cake and it's like a dream.

Don't get me wrong, I love a nice and decadent dessert or chocolate-dipped strawberry from time to time, but this light and airy cake is a bit more feminine and romantic.  Nothing says love like petal pink and roses, right?  This cake is frosted in smooth rose-flavored buttercream.  It is silky with subtly sweet and floral accents.  The white chocolate cake is light yet velvety.  It is a butter-based cake with great depth of flavor from the white chocolate.  This cake is not dripping with caramel or smothered in crushed cookies, as the flavors really do speak for themselves.  With a smooth finish and sugar pearl accents, the design is as chic and sophisticated as the flavors.  Enjoy a slice with your morning tea or share with a loved for Valentine's Day.

Rose Buttercream
6 ounce egg whites
2 cups sugar
3 cups unsalted butter, softened
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon rose extract or 1 tablespoon rose water- or to taste pink food gel color (optional)

For the full recipe, head over to The Cake Blog!