Mini Cranberry Tarts

Cranberry-Tarts2 With the popularity of pumpkin and peppermint, cranberries aren't usually celebrated too much beyond that jelly-cyndrical stuff that comes out of a can on Thanksgiving.  But why is that?  I say, let's celebrate these tangy little jewels!  Their color and bright taste are perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Now, hopefully you don't still have any leftover cranberry sauce since November, but I do have a special dessert that features that sweet and vibrant dish...If you recall, it's tradition that I make my signature Vanilla- Citrus Cranberry for family holidays.  It is so tasty, that it's been requested for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And why not?  It is definitely a festive dish and that gorgeous color belongs on every Christmas dinner table...


... So where were we?  Oh right, dessert.  Yes, I've taken that delicious cranberry sauce and turned it into a luscious tart filling.  With baby pie crusts and meringue topping, the cranberry makes for a perfect filling.  Knowing that Lemon Meringue Pie is a tried and trusted dish, I decided to swap out the tart lemon for cranberry with hopes of it being equally amazing.  Success!!  These Mini Cranberry Tarts are a two-bit wonder.  I don't know how all that flavor is packed into such a bitty dessert.  I promise they will be the hit of any dessert bar!


You can find the Cranberry Filling recipe here.

For the full recipe and tart assembly, head over to Best Friends for Frosting