Date Hazelnut Granola Bars

GranolaBars-Stacked-Horizontal To balance out all the cake lately (two more recipes coming up next week!), I decided to make a healthy yet satisfying sweet snack.  Let's be honest, I can't cut sugar out of my diet completely.  Sure I could try, but frankly- I don't want to.  Where would be the fun in that?  Instead, I opted to make homemade Granola Bars.  Come 3pm (or 9am, if we are being honest), I always reaching for something sugary.  Made with Dates, these bars have just the right amount of sweet but also contain healthy grains and nuts to keep my energy levels stable throughout the afternoon.


Since I made them myself, I feel better knowing exactly what goes inside as opposed to store-bought, preserved versions.  The best thing about these granola bars is that you can pretty much customize the flavors with anything you already have in your pantry.  My philosophy here is similar to that addressed in my granola recipe post.  I had a surplus of hazelnuts at our house, so I went with a date hazelnut granola bar.  Feel free to substitute whatever nuts or dried fruit you like!  Try throwing in some chia or flaxseed for fiber as well.  Or add a little bit of chopped dark chocolate like me- because, you know- that's just me ;)