Lemon Frozen Yogurt with Honey and Rosemary Pine Nuts

LemonFrozenYogurt I'm very conflicted and confused this week. I am overwhelmed with apple recipes and Starbucks is trying to push Pumpkin Spice lattes down my throat (literally). Or a PSL- did I really see that this drink has its own branding now? Well played. Don't get me wrong, I loooove me some PSLs, but it is all a little much for me to handle. I mean, I spent a better part of yesterday morning re-organizing my Holiday Pinterest board while wearing a tank top with all of our windows open.  Surely I am not helping my own confusion by baking off an Apple Tart last week, while also making frozen yogurt. But, both were delicious, so I'm not going to apologize. While some of us want to jump the gun and head straight into fall, others are holding on to summer as long as possible. Both are okay in my book.

While we are in a seasonal limbo, I decided that I will just bake and make what I want. Does that sound okay with all of you? Okay, great- thank you ;) Grocery stores are stocked with pumpkin products, but my tomato plant is still producing beautiful, juicy gems- so what's a girl to do? Regardless if you needed a wool blanket to watch football this Sunday or are experiencing a late summer heat-wave, I promise that you will all enjoy this Lemon Frozen Yogurt.


I was not always a fan of lemon yogurt. With usual suspects like blueberry and peach, lemon yogurt tended to take a backseat in my household.  After deciding to give lemon a chance, my yogurt-buying ways were forever changed.  Creamy and refreshing, lemon yogurt is like the breakfast version of my favorite lemon meringue pie.  Somewhere along my foodie journey I do recall a rich, delectable lemon gelato.  In an attempt to recreate, yet lighten this recipe and incorporate my new love for citrus yogurt, I created this easy Lemon Frozen Yogurt.  I opted for a lighter version by using yogurt instead of cream, but added a few more layers of flavor with bits of quality white chocolate, sweet honey, and savory rosemary pine nuts.  I used a combination of lemon flavored yogurt, with the addition of fresh lemon juice and flavorful lemon zest.  The rosemary pine nuts are toasted with a bit of sea salt, adding perfect crunch to the creamy frozen treat.





Rosemary Pine Nuts