Raspberry Coconut Layer Cake

CoconutCake1 Neither my husband nor I like shaved coconut.  In fact, the I despise the texture beyond belief.  However, I am in so love with the look of fluffy coconut flakes that I decided to make this gorgeous 2-tier Raspberry Coconut Layer Cake anyway.  Not every cake needs to tailored to my personal preferences, and I do love the flavor of coconut, so I think we all win with this recipe.



Coconut usually reminds us white-sand beaches and flavor combinations boosting pineapple and mango.  With such beautiful textures and versatile flavors, I vow not to limit coconut to only tropical palettes ever again.


For Spring, I wanted to create a whimsical yet classic coconut layer cake.  I developed a velvety butter cake made with rich coconut milk and paired with classic coconut cream cheese frosting.  The tangy red raspberry filling added just the right amount of sweetness and vibrance to the creamy cake.  I chose the largest flakes I could find and left them un-toasted for a light-as-a-feather look.  The two-tiers of heavenly flakes make for a gorgeous center piece for any dessert or brunch spread.



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