Spring Gourmet Meringues

Meringues5 I've been baking up a storm lately.  Lot's of layer cakes, donuts, and bundts.  Most of the treats are for a designated project, but my kitchen it still left with cut-into confections everywhere.  I have a super sweet tooth, but my waistline does not appreciate it.  With warmer weather and less bulky sweaters just around the corner, it's time to get fit.



I'm not afraid to hit the gym hard, but please don't take away all of my sweets!  I decided to make three different flavors of Gourmet Meringues as a light and airy alternative to all the buttercream and chocolate that usually floods my fridge.  Made with only egg whites and sugar, they leave you feeling a bit more guilt free.  The crisp yet chewy texture is perfect for snacking.  Check out the recipes for tart Raspberry, nutty Pistachio, and Chocolate-Orange over at Brit + Co.