Christmas Candy Cupcakes

XmasCandyCups Christmas is just over a few weeks away, and I've already started stressing about squeezing in all my favorite winter activities.  I missed the parade today, and it has me feeling anxious that I might run out of time.  Anyone else feel this way?

For us, Christmas will be broken into two parts - the time while we are in the city and the time where we return home to California. Both with have their perks.  I am in love with the glamorous idea of ice skating at the downtown rink by the art gallery and getting back to my roots at the German Christmas Market, both walking distance from our apartment.  It might even be my first holiday season with snow!  All the streets downtown are covered with white twinkly lights and I can feel the spirited energy of the hustle and bustle wherever I go.   I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I LOVE living in a city with little boutiques, cafes, the arts, and activities just steps away.  Can you even imagine doing Christmas shopping without going to the mall??!  This shall certainly be a year to remember.

Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without family and fun at my childhood home.  I am so thankful that we are able to travel back to California this year.  As much as I love the city, I crave the comfort of my parents' house and all of the traditions that remind me of Christmas past.  Christmas Eve Mass, presents in our pajamas, and searching for beautiful lights and decorations from the big, country homes nearby - these things really cannot be replaced.  I might not have my own kitchen to bake in or somewhere of our own to host the Christmas Eve dinner that my husband and I prepare every year, but I look forward to squeezing all of my loved one under the same roof for a few days.



Speaking of running out of time, I have more ideas for cakes to bake and toppers to make than there are days left of this year.  Over the next few weeks, I hope to round out 2013 with some of my favorite show-stopping treats for you all.  Meanwhile, feast your eye on these Christmas Candy Cupcakes.  If you remember, I made some similar cupcake toppers for Halloween.  They were so fun to make, that I knew I would make more for the holidays.  I decided to use pink, green, and a bit of gold pastels for this year's color palette instead of the traditional red.  Edible glitter helps make the candies even more festive and whimsical.  My favorites are definitely the wavy ribbon candy.



These Christmas Candy Cupcakes (toppers only) can be found in my Shop.  Each set of 6 includes ribbon candy, a peppermint candy, candy cake, gumdrops, holly and berries, and a lollipop!  Please remember to place your order for these toppers and the popular Christmas Trees by the end of this week!

Note: for all my beautiful followers and clients from Sacramento, the ordering deadline may be extended if you'd like to arrange a meet-up while I am in town.


Holiday Winter Wonderland Cake

Winter Wonderland Cake When I woke up this morning, it was officially cold.  Yes, I know I live in Canada, but the skies have been much more clear and sunny this fall than I would have ever thought it would be this season.  Until now.  It might have changed seasons overnight.  You can definitely tell that the holidays are just around the corner.

Since Thanksgiving is celebrated in October up here, it is fairly acceptable to be in full-swing Christmas mode already.  If you know me, the you know how much I LOVE the holidays.  I’ve decided to hold off the Christmas decor for another week or so, but you can sure bet I’ve already started with my holiday baking.  Although, I am sure that is pretty standard for most bloggers.

Winter Wonderland Cake

Winter Wonderland Cake

I decided to start the holiday season with this Winter Wonderland Cake.  The concept is fairly simple, yet striking at the same time.  I wanted to find a way to make the most realistic sugar “snow” bank.  Frosting already has a fluffy, flowy quality to it.  I wanted to play with its natural texture to create a soft bed of snow on top of my cake.  This cake was create with a basic meringue frosting (recipe at end of post).  Makes you want to just dig in, right?

This simple cake was also designed to show off the edible toppers.  I created an assortment of trees in various shades and sizes.  Each tree is hand- ruffled, some with edible glitter and some with gold details.  I even used silver dragees as ornaments.   The tree toppers are available in my Etsy shop.  They come in sets of three.  Be sure to message me what colors and detailing you’d like if you place an order.  The last day to place orders for the holidays will December 6th.  I’d love to see your versions of a Winter Wonderland Cake!




Winter Wonderland Cake

Winter Wonderland Cake

Winter Wonderland Cake

{NEWS} Etsy Shop Launch

Good morning everyone!  As of last night, the Style Sweet CA Shop is now live.  For the time being, the shop will be hosted over on Etsy.  Head on over here to see some of the latest designs! Style Sweet CA


Still wondering what this is all about?  Well here  are the details behind the idea:

As most of you know, I used to own and operate The Frosted Cake Shop when I lived in California.  TFCS was my first love.  In my midtown studio I was able to create custom cakes for my loyal clients and community.  I enjoyed getting to know my brides to design one-of-a-kind cakes for those big, special days and making a replica of a child's favorite toy out of sugar for an unforgettable birthday.  Although I do not regret making the decision to move away from my hometown, I will always have a special spot in my heart for the first business I ever launched.

While I am not able to create cakes for all you lovely readers, I wanted to figure out a way to really connect and be a part of your celebrations.  So here's the gist:

YOU: an amazing home baker, hostess with the mostess, and/or mom of the year You volunteered to throw a bridal shower, got assigned desserts for a baptism, or are making a special birthday cake for one of your beloved children.  You are talented, creative, and can do it all - well, almost.  You want to create a day that everyone remembers, with personal touches and custom decorations.  You want to make show-stopping desserts.  And while you are known for fantastic cakes and mouth-watering treats, you are not a pastry chef and/or are busy juggling multiple to-do lists.  While I know whatever you are cooking up in the kitchen (literally) will be fabulous, let's step it up a notch.  Turn those bridal cupcakes into pieces of art with elegant sugar flowers and that birthday cake into an unforgettable moment by capturing your child's favorite things.


YOU: event stylist extraordinaire, DIY wedding planner, and/or super-savvy bride You are planning the party of the year or your own BIG day.  You've spent hours on Pinterest and Etsy, gathering ideas to make sure your event is unique and perfectly tailored to your or your client's taste.  You've curated your favorite prints and  paper goods, and started souring starred vendors and caterers.  You want every corner of the venue to sparkle with style and personality.  While you are crafty, you are busy.  You want to make sure the desserts are not left behind.  Your local bakery does not carry exactly what you are looking for or your super-talented aunt/cousin/bff is baking the wedding cake themselves.  Whether you are on a budget or can't seem to source the right local talent, let us come together to design the perfect cake topper, bride/groom figures, or delicate, eternal flowers- all made from sugar.

Style Sweet CA Shop will carry popular flowers and trendy toppers for purchase.  However, I'd love to get to know your and your event.  Let's design something custom together!  Most items will be made to order.  As always, please contact me sooner than later.  Creativity is not instantaneous- and you know, there's shipping too.  Local Vancouverites?  Let's meet for easy delivery!

Ruffle Wedding Cake

To be honest, I have been wanting to launch this shop for a while now.  Even when TFCS was still in existence, I always thought this would be a great way to reach all of my friends, readers, and clients around the country.  Now that I am in a new stage of life, I think this is the perfect opportunity to make this dream happen.

{NEWS} Style Sweet CA Sugar Shop

Chocoalte-Hydrangea-Cake-Horizontal You saw it here first, folks!  As much as I absolutely love creating new recipes and finding my food photography style, my first love will always be cake design.  It was my curiosity to work with fondant and determination to bring my visions to life in the form of sugar that propelled my career in the food industry.  Now that my career had evolved and grown from having my own cake studio to moving to a different country and expanding my audience online, I want to bring back a piece of what started it all.

Style Sweet CA will be opening a new sugar shop!  The shop will be making and selling custom cake toppers and sugar flowers.  From ruffled-heart cupcake toppers and seasonal cake decorations to life-like sugar flowers, you will be able to transform handmade cake and  treats into beautiful works of art at home.  Products will be available for purchase online and will be shipped from my studio here in BC.


I love to manipulate sugar and am constantly creating new ways to jazz up and dress up regular cakes and cupcakes.  Not everyone is able to make larger-than-life cakes or intricate sugar pieces themselves.  While I am not able to bake the cakes for all of my clients and readers (although I can provide some amazing recipes), these cake toppers and sugar flowers will allow novice bakers, cake hobbyists, and all you DIYers to create your own show-stopping cupcakes and cakes, elegant enough for weddings and celebrations.

On this cake: Rustic chocolate cake with hand painted blue and violet gumpaste hydrangeas and glazed hydrangea leaves.

More details, products, and new designs to come soon!!  Please feel free to contact me at tessa(at)stylesweetca(dot)com for questions or custom orders.