Mocha Spice Cake

Truth be told, I recently made the swap for decaf.  After a lifetime of sleep issues, I am finally getting some decent shut eye.  This mostly has to do with kicking poor Remy to the couch, but instead of my past coffee cut-off at 3pm, I've been trying to cut it out all together.  I've been brewing an amazing Swiss water decaf at home, either straight up or with half caff to curb the withdrawals. With all this pumpkin spice hoopla and the seasonal lattes, mistos, and mocha-chinnos out there, I'm getting a little jealous.  Since I am really trying to only stick to Swiss water decaf process (because all the chemicals typically used to turn coffee to decaf is worse than the caffeine), I've started flavoring my own beans.  Adding cinnamon, clove, cardamon, and even orange peel straight into the coffee grinder sure makes for a beautiful brew.  I may be missing the festive, red 'Bucks cups that just came out, but I'll trade that for sleep any day.  Extra bonus if I get to enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee with a slice of Mocha Spice Cake.  What's that you say?  Yes, mocha spice with browned buttered frosting.  All that love in my cup, in cake form.


"With fall in the air, apple and pumpkin recipes are turning up everywhere. And for all you chocolate lovers, this Mocha Spice Cake will curb your cocoa cravings while still getting you into the autumn spirit. This cake recipe combines rich coffee, velvety chocolate, and all of the spices that remind us of pumpkin patches and apple picking. The browned butter filling is slightly nutty, extra flavorful, and impossible to resist. Combined with the Mocha Spice Cake, smooth vanilla buttercream, and a festive chocolate glaze, this cake has a sophisticated flavor palette that’s perfect for any fall celebration!"


Head on over to Best Friends for Frosting for the recipe!