Big News!

Hey everyone!  I've been waiting most of my career to share this news with you, and now I finally can.  Guess what?  I am writing my first COOKBOOK!  I can hardly believe it myself.  And now that the news is out there in the real world, I am beyond excited, anxious, thrilled, nervous, etc.  Pretty much feeling all of the feelings right now. Earlier this year, I started working on a proposal for a book all about...can you guess?  Yes, CAKES.  Well, of course, right?!  I signed with an amazing agent late Spring, and the project got picked up by a FANTASTIC publishing company earlier this summer.  My contract with Stewart, Tabori, and Chang, an imprint of Abrams Books, currently sits on my desk ready to be signed and finalized.  They create the most GORGEOUS books with beautiful images.  I was waiting until every last "t" was crossed and "i" was dotted to let you all know, but I could not wait any longer.


Wondering where I've been lately and why there have not been as many original posts lately?  Well, hopefully this clears up why.  The manuscript and all of the photos (that will be shot and edited by me) are due just after the new year, so I have been busy busy baking away....

I am thrilled to be sharing this news with you all.  It's still pretty far away, but I can't wait until you can all have a piece of this blog in your hands. The book is going to a fabulous collection of mouth-watering cake recipes and decorating ideas/techniques.  Another piece of the puzzle that is just unbelievable is that I am photographing it myself!  The cakes will be shot in all natural lighting, using my rustic yet refined, playful yet sophisticated style.


So, if you like the photos on the blog, enjoy my cake decorating tutorials, and look forward to yummy, innovative recipes, you will love this book.  Or at least I hope so.  It's been an exciting process so far, and I am so glad you can all now be on this journey with me.  Be sure to follow on Instagram for some behind the scenes!!


You may find my first press release about the book here on

Love you all! xoxo Tessa