DIY Popsicle Cake

Popsicle1 Not all sculpted cakes require advanced carving skills, special supports, or a trip to the hardware store.  In fact, sometimes the more simple designs are that much more charming and fun.

Personally, I think cakes that looks like other food are oddly humorous.  I tend to get a bit giddy trying to recreate food with, well, food.  Years and years ago, I made both a cake "cherry pie" and full on, fondant-covered turkey for Thanksgiving.  My husband can also confirm my affinity towards food cakes after his donut groom's cake and towering hamburger birthday cake.



For summer, I decided to create this DIY popsicle cake.  This version was inspired by an Orange Creamsicle- but feel free to use whatever color or "flavor" combination you wish.  With just a few cuts and slices here and there, you can make this whimsical summer treat too!




Head over the the Crafsty Blog for a  FULL step-by-step tutorial.