A Birthday Cake

BFFF-BDay5 Did you hear?  Best Friends for Frosting just turned 3 years old!  The site has come along way over the past few years, from desserts to design, but still loves a big slice of celebratory cake.  I was thrilled to make their official birthday cake a few weeks ago.

I've been friends with founder Melissa Johnson for about 7 years now, after working in the back of a local bakery together.  Somehow, we have both gone from bakeries to blogs, our own paths crossing a time or two over the years.  I've been a contributor for BFFF for a couple years, and Melissa and I have collaborated on several projects.  This just might be one of my favorite collaborations yet!


Melissa was inspired by flowing frosting, shades of pink, and a sprinkle of confetti.  I pulled together her ideas into this 3-tiered cake.  I threw on rainbow sprinkles straight on the smooth buttercream for the top tier.  For the middle, a soft shade of pink buttercream was spiraled onto the cake.  For the bottom, a simple, rustic stripe was used when applying the darker pink buttercream.

Happy Birthday!!