One Bowl Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Cupcakes4 Let's get real, I've made a lot of chocolate cake in my day.  Starting from box mixes then on to doctoring up the mix with instant pudding, all the way to scratch soufflés and rich tortes.  There really are so many different types of chocolate cake.  There's the everyday kind to the super-fancy, each more delicious than the other.  But even if you can master the most advanced, decadent chocolate cake, some days just call for good ol' chocolate cupcakes.


Sometimes I bake for the experience - taking the time to sift ingredients, hand-whip cream, and enjoy assembling every last crumb.  Sometimes, I just need to get things done.  This one bowl chocolate cupcake recipe is easy and straight to the point.  No extra fluff - just a moist, chocolatey cake.


I've shared this go-to one bowl chocolate cupcake recipe on the Craftsy Blog, along with some other quick and simple cupcake decorating tips and tricks.   Head on over, and you'll be set for future dinner parties, surprise guests, or "emergency cupcake" moments.