Dear Valentine

RufflelValetineCake1 As I sit here typing, I am waiting for the sun to pass behind the high-rise across the street so I can shoot photos in the studio of our 15th-story apartment.  Just a year ago, this was only a dream.  Call it crazy, call it risky - but I call it love.  Who else in their right mind would decided to pack up and move away from everything they know for me besides my dear husband?  For this journey alone, I will forever be grateful for finding this boy on one late summer evening, only 5 years ago.

Last Valentine's Day, I was sitting in an empty house.  Our couch and bed where in a giant moving truck on its way to Canada, while the remaining of our belongs were in mismatched cardboard boxes stacked in what used to be our living room.  My husband and I decided on "no gifts" that year, partially because that meant just one more thing to pack.  Instead, we opted for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant (since good Mexican food is hard to come by in Canada), which coincidentally was where we held the rehearsal dinner for our wedding.  I found the only dress that I didn't pack with the bulk of our stuff for our last night out in Sacramento.  Closing out the night, and one of our last days in California, we finished off the rest of the wine that didn't want to carry across the border and snuggled together to watch movies on the Ipad.  In the end, it turned out to be more romantic than I could have imagined.


With the Olympics on in the background, it seems as if we have come full circle- well, almost.  I suppose last year was not our first unconventional Valentine's Day.  Four years ago (our second V-Day together), we spent the week up in Vancouver with my family.  Before we ever made plans to move up here permanently, we would come to stay at my parents' condo to get our city-fix.  If you don't already know this about me, I absolutely love the Olympics.  When I found out that they were going to be held in Vancouver, I knew we had to go (more on this later).  I got to share Valentine's Day that year with all of my loves: my family, my husband (fiance at the time), and the Olympics (lol).  This year, we already decided to spend the 14th in.  We celebrated a bit early by seeing West Side Story (one of my all-time favorite shows) at the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Theatre.  So on actual Valentine's Day, we are making a couple's dinner - cooking from the Newlyweds Cookbook that has hardly been touched in three years.  I'm not sure what the creation will be, but you can be sure I'll probably Instagram it.  Cooking with my husband in our itty-bitty city apartment kitchen, a nice cocktail or two, and (probably) the Olympics on in the background - I can't think of anything better.

Happy Valentine's Day, Brett!