Cranberry Pear Cake


I must admit, I have a love-hate relationship with pears.  When they are ripe, they are the most beautiful, juicy, and flavorful treats.  Any other time, they fall completely flat.  For this recipes, I decided to put our differences aside, and give some TLC to some beautiful BC pears.

When it comes to the dessert menu, I hardly ever understood why anyone would ever chose a poached pear or cheese plate over decadent cheesecake or gooey chocolate cake.  While I still don't know why cheese finds its place among these sweet treats, I think I finally understand the beauty of a poached pear.  Taking the time to basically make a sweet, cinnamon-y jacuzzi for your pears definitely pays off.  Poaching pears definitely alleviates some of that heartache when they are not perfectly ripe.  The pears become sweet, tender, and can be infused with whatever flavor you'd like.  Plus, it will leave your kitchen smell absolutely amazing!

Cran-Pear-Cake Cran-Pear-Cake

Although you might be tempted to eat the poached pears right out of the pot, pairing them with cranberries in this layer cake makes for the perfect fall treat.  The sweet tang of fresh cranberries is brilliant in a spiced layer cake.  The added cinnamon and cardamon create warmth in every bite.  If you don't know about mascarpone, you will be in for a big surprise.  Think of this frosting as cream cheese icing's more elegant, older sister.  And trust me, this Cranberry Pear Cake calls for nothing less.


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