A Sweet and Savory Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving lurks just around the corner, I've started gathering some of my favorite fall recipes to celebrate with. I have a few "go-to" dishes that I enjoy making every year (like my citrus-vanilla cranberry sauce), but I also love to explore new recipes- both traditional and contemporary twists on old classics. Since Thanksgiving in Canada is actually celebrated in October, I got a trial run for some of the new treats I plan on creating next week. My family is arriving from California tomorrow, just in time to share some delicious food, tradition, and great conversation. When it comes to the holidays, I find it helpful to really have a plan. There's a bit of stress involved whenever one is trying to feed a crowd, so I always try to plan the menu, grocery list, and prep schedule in advanced. And to be honest, I've been drooling over warm, cozy fall dishes since the end of summer. In addition to making my fave cranberry sauce and the promise of making pumpkin-gruyere-pecan foccacia for my father (recipe coming later this week), check out some of the recipes over at Foodie.com that I've gathered for consideration. Any guesses on what will make the cut this year?