Style-Sweet-CA-SHOP Almost a month ago, I announced some new happenings for Style Sweet CA.  Style Sweet CA will be opening a new online shop.  The shop will feature some of the sugar pieces and cake toppers that may have seen on my past creations from The Frosted Cake Shop and on this blog.  While I may not be able to take cake orders like I used to, hopefully this way you all can now take a little piece of me home.  In other (less creepy) words, I found a new way to share my first love of sugar art in physical form, and not just digital.

For the past month, I've curated some of my favorite pieces and have been stocking trendy toppers to begin selling.  Each item has been handcrafted and made using advanced sugar techniques.  This form of pastry is more of an art, and I love to express my creativity by taking great care to hand paint or color each piece and strategically add highlights and special interest to the designs. I am thrilled to be giving you all a sneak peek at some of those designs today.  You can look for them on sale at the Style Sweet CA SHOP on Etsy next week.

Floral-Mini-Cake Style-Sweet-CA

In addition, I will be accepting custom orders.  Have a wedding with specific colored garden roses?  Or need a customized bride and groom cake topper?  I've got you covered.  While I will keep popular items in stock (I'm guessing ruffles hearts, beautiful peonies, and the like), most items will be made to order.  If you have an event coming up, be sure to book sooner than later, as all handmade wonders take a bit of time and care.



I love to manipulate sugar and am constantly creating new ways to jazz up and dress up regular cakes and cupcakes.  Not everyone is able to make larger-than-life cakes or intricate sugar pieces themselves.  While I am not able to bake the cakes for all of my clients and readers (although I can provide some amazing recipes), these cake toppers and sugar flowers will allow novice bakers, cake hobbyists, and all you DIYers to create your own show-stopping cupcakes and cakes, elegant enough for weddings and celebrations.

Please email at tessa(at) for any questions.