Rhubarb Strawberry Panna Cotta

strawberryduo One of my most favorite, sinful desserts is panna cotta.  So creamy, rich, and oh-s0 delicious.  This sweetened, cooked-cream treat sets like a custard, minus the egg yolk.  You can flavor it, top it with fruit, and even go dairy-free!  Since it's summer, and I love my fresh summer fruit and berries, I decided to create a true vanilla bean panna cottta topped with rhubarb and strawberry compote.


And to turn it up a notch? I added a bit of basil when cooking down the compote for an extra layer of flavor.

Rhubarb2-CompoteIngredientsI am not sure if this trend is over, and I honestly don't care if it is- but how cute are these desserts served in individual jars?!  The rhubarb strawberry panna cotta needs to set for at least 4 hours in some sort of vessel.  These jars seemed absolutely perfect for this crucial step.  They make for easy serving as well!



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