Cherry Almond Cake

GCherriesFor all my hockey-loving, maple-slinging, friendly neighbors of the Great White North, this one's for you.  HAPPY CANADA DAY!! Cherry-Almond-Cake-Table-Horizontal

We've seem to be having some sort of a heat wave this long weekend- some may call it a Canadian miracle.  For as much as we are suffering inside, without an air conditioner, it is just that much more beautiful outside.  With sun glistening off the harbour and glass high-rises alike, it sure makes those endless days of winter rain a little worth it.  So instead of being cooped up in a stuffy apartment, lets all head out and celebrate on this glorious Canada Day!


How should we celebrate, you ask?  With this delicious CHERRY ALMOND CAKE, of course!!!  I developed this recipe for Half Baked: The Cake Blog, just in time for any summer celebration.  Juicy cherries and tart gooseberries make this cake simply refreshing, and the rustic preparation makes it a breeze to whip up.  Find the full recipe on Half Baked.